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Terms & Conditions:
1.1 Client shall pay the Event Planner for the Services rendered as follows:
A. A flat deposit will be the initial start up fee, refundable for 2 weeks. The total cost of planning will be via online packages or discussed based upon your budget. All payments after 2 weeks of deposit are NON-REFUNDABLE.
B. The deposit will be due one week upon signing contract via Cash, Check or Credit Card. 80% must be paid 30 days before wedding/event. The balance can be spread out and paid the morning of wedding/event.
C. All vendors and third party costs are to be paid upon two weeks notice from the request. Most vendors allow for payment plans, however this will be discussed upon bookings.
D. In the event that the Event Planner receives funds from Client as payment for third party services and products, said funds will be deposited in a separate account pending payment by Event Planner and will have proof of receipts.
1.2 Event Planner will submit invoices to Client for the Services performed as needed. If Event Planner has incurred any third party costs, copies of the receipt, invoice reflecting the charges will be provided.

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