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FWE Scholarship Fund

Our FWE Scholarship Fund and Career Prep are catered to the different school districts in South Jersey, including Camden, Cherry Hill, Moorestown, Mount Laurel, Cinnaminson, Delran, Willingboro and Burlington! 


The categories for the Scholarships are


  • The Arts, which is someone in theatre or music

  • Minority-Based, if you are a minority

  • General Selection, for anyone


Throughout the year we will be holding a string of events that will benefit our Scholarship Fund, each event will have a specific school district listed for the proceeds. By attending the events you will have a great time and support our local youth all in one! 


The Career Prep sector is for those students who desire to enter a trade or career immediately after high school and will not be attending a college/university setting. Their scholarship will go towards a trade school. These trades are medical technicians, electricians, welders and carpenters, 


Summer of 2020, we will be having our FWE Scholarship Awards and Career Prep Ceremony to distribute the scholarships amongst the students, their families, sponsors and the support of the community. There will be local employers to talk to the students about their desired trade. This event will be a lively, educational event with amazing speakers and great insight the students will be able to take with them on their future endeavors.


To apply for scholarship please submit your essay to with your name, school, teachers name, address and phone number.




Must be attending one of the schools listed at the top of the page. 

Must be graduating the school year you apply.

Must write an essay on the topic related to the category you are applying for. 

Essay must be 500 words. 

Must list your desired major or trade at the top of the essay with your name. 

If you have a top desired school please list that as well. 

Essays are due May 1st, 2020.

One category per student.


Category Topics:

Arts - How does social media affect how we view the arts (theater, music, art) in our community versus the larger platforms and do you believe it is helping or hurting the Arts reputation as a whole?


General = You are going to the past and you have to change something about it. What era are you going to and what are you changing and how will it affect your future personally?


Minority-Based - What are your fears being a minority in America today and how do you feel they can be suppressed for other's benefits after you?



*A Note From The Owner

As a parent, woman, minority and business owner and Cherry Hill, NJ resident, this is how I give back to my community. Feeding into the places I came from and where I am now so that my kids will understand how important it is never to forget where you've been and to give back and uplift others to get where they are striving to go. We must support each other in order to get results. I highly support the youth by offering events to entertain them and assure them there are adults here that are in their corner. We also offer the parents a night out because they need a break, deserve a great time and what better way than to support their children's further education by attending! I am not big on politics but I do have a large voice and I will make sure I do everything to make sure our youth are heard and are producing positive results! 


Charities we support:

Breast Cancer Awareness

Ataxia Awareness


























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