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Moving House

Need help managing your money for the wedding or looking for home ownership now that your wedding plans are complete, your credit and financial plan are the most important factors to make your dreams come true. Speak to our amazing partner, Proactive Thinking, LLC for your accounting, financial and credit needs. 

Meet LaShawn Banks, CPA


She can help you fix /build your credit no matter what your purpose is. Many of us have negative remarks on our credit reports that do not belong, we were unaware of, or have been there too long. These items can weigh our score down. She can build you a financial plan to set up your future for emergencies, vacation, retirement, college and more.

Feel free to click the link below to book your slot and schedule a free consultation with Proactive Thinking!

If you are looking for a  Realtor or Stock Broker to help you further in your financial goals let us know and we can point you in the right direction. 

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